Welcome ye unfortunate Tumblr soul. I photoshop horrible pictures and make bad jokes. Kpop is awesome and everything here is made with love, I just have issues with how I show it. I take photoshop requests, but I'm rather sporadic on when/if they get done. This blog is in a semi-hiatus because I only update whenever the mood strikes. Adventures in Kpop Hell 2 is on indefinite hiatus for the moment...but who knows what the future holds! As always, feel free to send in a request or just say hi. I'm on my personal blog 99% of the time if you need to get in touch ASAP.


imma run this by again but do any of you happen to play black ops 2 on xbox? cause i really need some peeps to play with who wont yell at me or make me feel weird for bein a girl and all that.

Anonymous asked
BY THE WAY I THINK YOURE TOTally awesome and I haven't seen you get enough credit for the effort you actually put in to doing this blog WELL DONE SWEETIE I SUPPORT YEW