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quick question

this account is set up as a main blog, is there any way to change it to add people who can also help maintain it???

ms-sasha asked
Oh God... I've just played (AGAIN) Adventures In Kpop Hell... :D and... I'm from Poland... and what I see? Scene where Minho's standing in front of Irish Pub "Pod Papugami" - it's in Cracov (Kraków). "Pod Papugami" in polish means "Under Parrots". It's not everything! By the doors is a plate with text "Polish Association of the Deaf". Thank you for this crazy game :D

Ha!!! Totally unintentional but this makes it even better!

Anonymous asked
Even if it is only recently that I follow you ... I want to say that: every your post gives me a smile ... thanks

Thank you so much! I hope to be able to make you smile even more. :D Send in a request sometime if you ever want to see something specific, I’ll do what I can! 

Anonymous asked
i installed DirectX but i cant open AKH game ... D; is there anyway you can helpme?

What kind of error are you getting?

Have you checked the FAQs/Troubleshooting guides on the sidebar of this blog?

Anonymous asked
Is bangtan in the game? XD

Not in the original game…I’m not sure if they were around when it was made now that I think about it.

If I ever get around to the sequel, I’ll have to look up some info on them. Don’t think I’ve listened to them yet!

How to get “Adventures in Kpop Hell” working on MAC!



So, I wanted to find a way to get “Adventures in Kpop Hell” to work on my mac. So i found a way to do so!

  • Download the game, but don’t open it! Click on the arrow and then choose “Show in Finder”.image
  • Then this is where it should end up once you do so.image
  • Now, go to http://unrarx.com/ and download UnRarX. Guess what? It’s free! It’ll help you convert  the .rar file to a .exe file. (I’ll tell you why we need to do that later.)
  • image
  • now, open up UnRarX. If you can’t find it in your applications, look in your downloads.
  • image
  • Then, go to the drop down menu at the top where it says “Extract to” and set it as Desktop. It’ll be easier to find later.
  • image
  • Now that you did that, go back to your finder and go back to “Downloads”. “Adventures in Kpop Hell” should be there. Click and drag it to the empty white space.
  • image
  • Then it should be converting the .rar file to .exe
  • image
  • once it finishes downloading, it should be saved to your desktop. That way, it’s easier to find!
  • image

  • Now that you have that, go to http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ and download the stable version of wine bottler. DONT INSTALL GENIEO! It’s a mac virus that puts a bunch of crap on your computer. just hit cancel and it will download normally.image
  • Open the download and drag “Wine” and “Wine Bottler” to your applications.image
  • Now, the only application we need is “Wine”. So click on that application to open it up.
  • If wine does not open, look in your mac status bar. There should be a wine glass. Click on it.
  • image
  • Now go down the list and click in “File Manager”
  • image
  • Click on “Users”
  • image
  • Click on “User 1”
  • image
  • Click on “Desktop”
  • image
  • Click on “Adventures in Kpop Hell”. (See! This is why it’s easier to save to your desktop!)
  • image

  • Then lastly, click on “Adventures in Kpop Hell.exe”
  • image
  • This is what the finished result is! This game doesn’t lag being played with “Wine”
  • image

SORRY FOR BEING SO DETAILED! I just hate when i don’t know what i’m doing when going off of text. It’s just easier and now you guys have the whole step by step picture guide to playing “Adventures in Kpop Hell” on your mac!

Wine works with any .exe format game. If you have another game that you downloaded that’s already in .exe format, then just follow the “Wine” instructions and don’t convert it!

Thanks welcometokpophell for making a really funny game! (It took me forever to try and find a way to play it on mac, but hey, i like a challenge.)

WOW!!! A huuuuge thanks for the detailed instructions, meluvsxiumin!! I don’t have a Mac so I’ve been zero help when people ask how to get it to work, but I will be sending everyone to this tutorial now!!