Welcome ye unfortunate Tumblr soul. I photoshop horrible pictures and make bad jokes. Kpop is awesome and everything here is made with love, I just have issues with how I show it. I take photoshop requests, but I'm rather sporadic on when/if they get done. This blog is in a semi-hiatus because I only update whenever the mood strikes. Adventures in Kpop Hell 2 is on indefinite hiatus for the moment...but who knows what the future holds! As always, feel free to send in a request or just say hi. I'm on my personal blog 99% of the time if you need to get in touch ASAP.




Imagine Kris donning battle armor as his airport fashion and charging through the terminal to safety.


Anonymous asked
awww :( so sorry to hear that u.u why dont you get some people to work with you on the game? it would surely help you! :)

The software I used to make it isn’t really complicated, but it’s not made in a way that I could easily copy/paste and BAM done. It’d be difficult to have someone help do that part. As far as photoshopping and making graphics, it all has to be in a specific format to work in the game and have transparency (so the characters show up but don’t have a big pixelated box around them) and I’m working with specific heights/dimensions…basically it’s a lot of dumb effort and I’d feel awful bothering anyone to do it.

The game itself is just sitting there…if anyone feels the urge to take on the task, I will gladly zip it all up and send you the file. I’d love to have a “community” game, it would just be difficult to coordinate between so many people. If anyone has more time than I on their hands and feels up to the task, let me know.

Anonymous asked
Hey there, dear! I personally LOVE your blog like, wtf. I stalk your blog everyday. I do have one question though. Do you ever plan on making a sequel to the AiKH game? And what would be its concept? (If ever.) Oh, and can you make Leo into a cute puppy? :3

Hello! First off, thank you very much for the kind words. Always puts a smile on my face to hear something like that. :)

As for the sequel, it’s…possible. Right after I finished the first AiKH, I was pumped up and ready to make another. I have the opening sequence and about 3 or 4 story scenarios finished, but it’s been sitting there for months now. As much fun as I had making it, I completely burned myself out. Every day for 2 months, I would write stories at work and rework them a million times until it was what I wanted, and I’d come home and work on it until midnight or later. That went on for 2 months straight. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it! The reception I got afterwards made it all worth while too because as cheesy as it sounds, it really makes me happy to make other people happy.

After all that work though, I’ve found it hard to get back to work on the sequel. Just looking at the software now fills me with dread. It takes a ridiculous amount of work to make a game, especially the way I did it with so many different endings and characters. Too many games are so short and simple, they’re good for a few laughs but I wanted something more. I wanted something worth replaying, something that could show you something new every time. Couple all that with the fact that I’m staying much more busy at work now (it’s my own business so I have a lot on my hands) and the biggest factor…I don’t really enjoy kpop much anymore. :/ Not only do I rarely listen to it, but I don’t even follow it on Tumblr now and I’m very outdated on my bands, videos, members and inside jokes. It’s really intimidating to think about trying to make it now. I deleted my personal blog and almost wholly removed myself from Tumblr aside from this blog which I check maybe once a week now. The age gap between myself and the average user is becoming more and more apparent by the day and that discourages me as well.

With all of that said, it’s always a possibility. I don’t like to close doors for myself because who knows what the future holds. Maybe my hobbies will become boring to me and working on the game will fill that void. Maybe I never will. I don’t want to promise anything but I don’t want to dismiss it either.

As for the theme…it is/was that you sneak into the SM Entertainment cloud room to spy on your oppas, and through a crazy turn of events, a black hole sucks you into another dimension. You’re now trapped in a labyrinth of oddities and have to find a way out. The plan was to have every scenario you enter give you an item, and depending on which items you have you can craft something to help you escape…or something completely worthless. It would add some hilarity to the game, but also doubles the work. If all else fails and the game seems dead, I can easily add 2 or 3 scenarios and make a one-shot game with maybe 2 different endings.

I’m sorry this ended up being so long. I don’t have many places online to really talk and explain myself now, and I tend to stay very quiet IRL thanks to crippling anxiety…it kinda builds up and all explodes into a million words when the right chance arises.

As for your photoshop request, please send me another ask with the request alone so I don’t forget about it. It may be a thousand years from now but I promise I’ll get around to it someday. :)

quick question

this account is set up as a main blog, is there any way to change it to add people who can also help maintain it???

ms-sasha asked
Oh God... I've just played (AGAIN) Adventures In Kpop Hell... :D and... I'm from Poland... and what I see? Scene where Minho's standing in front of Irish Pub "Pod Papugami" - it's in Cracov (Kraków). "Pod Papugami" in polish means "Under Parrots". It's not everything! By the doors is a plate with text "Polish Association of the Deaf". Thank you for this crazy game :D

Ha!!! Totally unintentional but this makes it even better!

Anonymous asked
Even if it is only recently that I follow you ... I want to say that: every your post gives me a smile ... thanks

Thank you so much! I hope to be able to make you smile even more. :D Send in a request sometime if you ever want to see something specific, I’ll do what I can! 

Anonymous asked
i installed DirectX but i cant open AKH game ... D; is there anyway you can helpme?

What kind of error are you getting?

Have you checked the FAQs/Troubleshooting guides on the sidebar of this blog?