Welcome ye unfortunate Tumblr soul. I photoshop horrible pictures and make bad jokes. Kpop is awesome and everything here is made with love, I just have issues with how I show it. I take photoshop requests, but I'm rather sporadic on when/if they get done. This blog is in a semi-hiatus because I only update whenever the mood strikes. Adventures in Kpop Hell 2 is on indefinite hiatus for the moment...but who knows what the future holds! As always, feel free to send in a request or just say hi. I'm on my personal blog 99% of the time if you need to get in touch ASAP.


For those of you having trouble playing on Windows 8,  sent me some information that may help you guys! I’ve added it to the FAQs so try it out! 

"Hellooo~ This is concerning the windows 8 problem? I have windows 8.1 and I managed to download the game. The app I got is mZIP. You have to open the game with the app. Then you select the Adventures in Kpop Hell folder and select ”extract selection”. Choose the folder where you want to extract it (for example my documents) and then you should be able to play it when you open the game in my documents. This is what I did and it worked so I hope this helped :D"

Anonymous asked
Can I only play “Adventures in Kpop Hell” on PC? Can’t I play it on moblile?

It is PC/Mac only, it doesn’t work on mobile. :( Sorry!

Anonymous asked
I have downloaded the game but when I try to open it say I have to download an app to run it ( I have windows 8 ) please help I really want to play :(

I’ve had a few people message me and ask this. As far as I can tell, it’s not very compatible with Windows 8. Sadly I don’t have Windows 8 (or access to it) so I can’t test and try it out to find a way around it. :(

My best advice would be to borrow a friend’s computer and try it out. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help! ;~;

Anonymous asked
What is the game for? what do you do in the game?

It’s a “choose your own adventure” game! You go through different story scenarios and pick what you want to do at the end of it, and it takes you to a new area with new people. It’s pretty insane and not for the weak of heart.

xiuhanolic asked
Hii!! I really love your game! I haven't laughed so much in ages! But there is one thing.. why do you hate teen top so much? They are one of my bias groups, and it hurts when i see you writing so much mean stuff about them.. I noticed it in the game aswell, calling them ugly and stuff... Please stop. It hurts..

You must be new around this blog…

I really enjoy Teen Top’s music, honest. But Ricky pisses me off for reasons I can’t even comprehend. I mean…his name is Ricky, first off. It sounds like the name of a southern redneck who gets too excited over NASCAR. His face also freaks me out, because he looks like an old man who is living in the body of a small child. 

Ricky is unnatural and I can’t even handle it.

So don’t take my Teen Top hate the wrong way, because they are very talented and I do enjoy what they do! But if you ask me, when the end times come, Ricky is going to be at the front of the apocalypse.

Anonymous asked
i cant install the game :(

It doesn’t have to be installed, if everything is in working order you should be able to download, unzip it, double-click the game and it should pop up. Check the FAQs and see if it helps you out!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update for you guys. I’m proud (and slightly scared!) to announce that JREKML is doing a Let’s Play of Adventures In Kpop Hell on YouTube! You can watch it here if you’re interested.

I’d also like to say hello to all the new followers that these videos have brought! I’m rarely active on this blog anymore (the game itself is around 2 years old now I think) but from time to time I pop in to make ridiculous pictures. 

I hope you’re enjoying the game, if you’ve laughed at least once then I feel like I succeeded.

Anonymous asked
"Welcome to KPOP hell" won't open on my computer. I was wondering if you might know why and how I can make it work? (I do not have a mac btw)

Check the FAQs on the sidebar of this blog, it should answer most of your questions! The only thing I can think of that hasn’t been added is Windows 8 doesn’t like this program and a lot of people haven’t been able to play it while using it. I’m not a saavy computer tech so I don’t know how to really help outside of what is in the FAQ. Good luck and hope it helps you!

magical-girl-jesus-deactivated2 asked
Hi, I just wanted you to know that you're my favorite blog on tumblr

I feel so special!!! Thank you so much! ;u;